The Easiest Way for Moms to Get in Shape

As in, you don’t even need to leave your living room Read more

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After local mom Crystal Widmann had her baby, she knew that an average fitness regimen wasn’t going to work. Not only did she not have the time or energy to travel to or take some generic class, she couldn’t quite find a program that provided the TLC her post-baby body needed. And she’s a fitness professional!

So, she did something about it, and developed Y2B Fit a yoga and barre postnatal fitness program based on the workouts she did herself to get back into shape.

And knowing that time and flexibility are musts for moms, Crystal put all the workouts online. But that doesn’t mean they are random. Her virtual studio programs consist of 30-minute sessions that are meant to be done three times a week, in either a six- or 12-week “course”. They focus on slowly building back those vital pelvic floor and core muscles. She also has a ton of 30 or 15-minute additional workouts to keep the momentum going. Unlimited monthly video access prices start at $10 a month.

Of course, we are lucky that Crystal is local, so if you want to have her expertise in person, she loves doing personal training sessions with new moms in their own homes. Introductory prices start at $150 for three sessions. She’ll bring all the equipment to you and your child can even join you for the session.

Crystal also offers health coaching services and an “Ask a Fit Mommy” blog where you can send your health and fitness questions to get free, detailed answers tailored specifically to you.

Read more about Crystal’s story and programs, Y2B Fit here.

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