Weekend Bits: What Real Romance Looks Like

Plus: Indoor games to keep you sane, how to raise creative thinkers, and more great reads for your Saturday. Read more

weekend bits

It’s going to be incredibly, dangerously cold this weekend, y’all. If you see someone who is homeless or in need of shelter, then you can call the Philadelphia Homeless Outreach Hotline at 215-232-1984.

Speaking of crap weather, here are four indoor games to keep you sane and your kids busy this weekend, courtesy of Parents magazine.

I just really, really like this essay from New York Magazine about What Romance Means After 10 Years of Marriage. It’s lovely, and worth the read.

A new study finds a link between women who take Tylenol during pregnancy and asthma in their offspring. Sigh.

Hey new mamas: A new session of the postpartum therapy group at Center City Pediatrics starts next week!

That Atlantic has a really interesting interview with the brilliant (and local!) academic Adam Grant, whose book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move The World is making big waves. The interview focuses on how parents can best “identify and cultivate children who think creatively and unconventionally.” It’s pretty fascinating.

A pressing question: Is it okay to talk during fitness class? (Evidently, it is not.)

Speaking of being fit: If you haven’t watched this AMAZING video of the UCLA gymnast who killed it with an unusual and awesome floor routine, you should drop what you’re doing and watch right now. You won’t be sorry.