Where To Take Infant and Toddler CPR Classes

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Lord willing, none of us will never have to use infant/baby/toddler CPR — or any CPR at all. But since it seems like risky business to not know the basics, and also since we’re lucky enough to live somewhere where you can pretty much always find a quick(ish) course that will train you how to do it, we figured it might be of some use to compile a round-up of go-to spots you can usually find and register for said courses. Places like:

The Red Cross.
The sort of obvious choice for CPR lessons offers an overview course that trains people in a whole variety of first aid emergencies (burns, neck injuries, cuts, etc.) as well as breathing and cardiac issues for adults and infants and kids. So … basically the whole gamut, which leads to a certification. Classes — which are about 6.5 hours long — are offered on a pretty regular basis at the Red Cross at 23rd and Chestnut, as well as a few locations in South Jerz. Cost is $110.

Jefferson Hospital.
Jefferson offers infant and pediatric CPR classes every so often — the current schedule is here. The classes cover just those topics, and are four hours. (Helpfully, one of the upcoming courses is on a Saturday.) Cost is $35 a person, or $60 for two people.

Among the great list of Penn Medicine’s various baby classes (breastfeeding, baby care basics, infant massage, Happiest Baby, etc.) is an infant/child CPR class that focuses on rescue procedures for babies on up through 8-year-olds. There’s no set calendar right now to see upcoming sessions, but you can check the site for the number to call to get the scoop. $55 a person.

Minnow Lane
The Fishtown parenting center and natural baby-stuff boutique has a monthly session that runs two hours and costs $25 a person. You can register online, and show up for a class that focuses on adult, child and infant CPR techniques as well as what to do in choking situations.

Also once a month, that South Philly mecca for cloth diapering and natural baby stuff, Cloth, offers pediatric first aid, CPR, AED and choking certification. It’s $45 a person (with extra fees if you want the workbook and pocket mask) and runs about three hours on a Sunday. They ask that you sign up a week in advance.

Center City Pediatrics
The two-hour non-certification course runs once or twice a month at CCP, and teaches CPR and other rescue procedures (i.e. choking; cardiac arrest) for infants and children up to age 8. Check the calendar to register — the cost is $58.

City Sprouts
The one-hour session at the adorable Kensington parenting center teaches CPR for adults and kids, infant CPR and techniques for dealing with choking. Registration (which you can do online) is $20 — and the next session is February 20.