Breastfeeding Groups in the City

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If you’re someone who breastfeeds, or someone who is trying to breastfeed, or someone who is planning to try to breastfeed, then the appeal of the breastfeeding support group is really multi-faceted:

A: There’s the camaraderie factor, which really can’t be overstated or oversold. (Hey — not to leave out non-breastfeeding moms on this one: A lot of new mom groups have the very same type of camaraderie, and focus on feeding and much, much more. Here are some parenting centers that offer new mom groups and more!)

   B: More often than not, there’s a lactation consultant or nursing expert on hand (often complete with a scale for baby-weighing!!). Having a pro who can answer questions about, say, bottle strikes or overproduction is basically priceless.
   And C: The support you get from other moms in the same boat, who are asking the same questions you have, or will have — or just seeing that other moms have issues, too — is insanely comforting.   

Happily, the groups are scattered all over the city, and so chances are good that you don’t even have to trek too far to find your nursing support system. Here are some great go-tos for groups. (Just check the sites for specifics days/times — and it’s never a bad idea to call and make sure it’s on before you go for the first time.)

Where: Ali’s Wagon
The ’Hood: Fairmount
The Details: $15 per mom. There is a certified lactation consultant on hand, and the group is open to expecting moms and moms of (pre-mobile) babies. It’s drop-in, so no registry is necessary. Read more here.

Where: Jefferson Hospital
The ‘Hood: Wash West
The Details: The free group meets — drop-in — is open to any mom who is breastfeeding or pumping, with or without the baby. There’s a lactation specialist on hand, with a scale. Read more here.

Where: Center City Pediatrics
The ’Hood: Grad Hospital
The Details: Pre-registration is required for these sessions ($15 a mom), because class size is limited. There is a lactation consultant on hand (with a scale), and you needn’t be a CCP patient in order to attend. (According to the site: “Breast or bottle: All are welcome!”)

Where: Essene Market & Cafe
The ’Hood: Queen Village
The Details: La Leche League —  runs this free drop-in group that meets the first Tuesday of every month at 10:30 a.m. The group is run by LLL experts who have been trained and accredited to help other moms (and expecting moms!) “with all aspects of breastfeeding.” See more here.

Where: Studio 34 Yoga Studio
The ‘Hood: West Philly
The Details: The Studio 34 group is run by the longtime lactation consultant from LifeCycle Woman Care (formerly The Birth Center) in Bryn Mawr: It’s a free group that runs a couple of Wednesdays a month. Read more here.

Where: Minnow Lane
The ‘Hood: Fishtown
The Details: The adorable new(ish) boutique and parenting center offers a free weekly support group that welcome drop-ins (though also appreciates an RSVP if you know you’ll attend: 215-291-1875 or There’s a lactation consultant and scale on hand.

Where: Pennsy
The ‘Hood: Wash West
The Details: Word on the street is that Pennsylvania Hospital offers breastfeeding support group at the Hall Mercer Building every Monday at 12:30 p.m., but I can’t seem to find it on the site, so this is definitely one you’ll want to call before you visit.

Where: Mama’s Wellness Joint 
The ‘Hood: Wash West
The Details: The free breastfeeding group (a.k.a. “Breastfeeding Cafe”) at Mama’s Wellness Joint meets every Thursday at 3:30 p.m., and includes a lactation consultant … and, according to one fan, great snacks. Check out the Facebook page for more info.

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