Get Philly Parenting Experts Streamed Into Your Home

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Taking parenting and workout classes are great for the obvious reasons: you get out of the house, you learn or do something, you meet new people. However, when you have kids, sometimes just walking out of the door is h-a-r-d. Thankfully, these local experts have put all their invaluable advice online.

For Expecting and New Parents
BabyTalk — a locally based business — offers many of their expert classes online, through multi-part series that you can purchase for $40, and watch whenever you want, on any device, for up to six months. There are a ton of options that cover things like labor and delivery, handling multiples, sleep, gear, and fun one-off classes like baby sign language. The BabyTalk team also offers pretty amazing one-on-one virtual consulting services. They’ll put together a customized baby registry list after a virtual consult (Skype or phone), design your nursery, provide sleep guidance, or even provide on-demand new baby 24/7 support via text, email or FaceTime for any of the (bazillion) questions you’ll have in those first few weeks.

For Behavioral and Family Coaching Advice
Wee-contributor Brandi Davis (of Child and Family Coaching) is as good at listening as she is at offering invaluable advice. (I can vouch for this firsthand.) Best part? Her services are pretty much all virtual. For one-on-one help, she’ll set up 30-minute phone or Skype sessions, which are $200 for four, or $75 for one call. She follows-up with an emailed summary of what was discussed and a plan of action, and offers unlimited text or email —  a.k.a. real-time — advice. We also love Brandi’s regular webinars. With titles like “Taming Tantrums”, “Stop Yelling This Week”, and “Melt Your Mini’s Major ‘Tude”, it might just be the best $10 you’ve ever spent. Most run weekdays at 8 p.m. and last an hour. While no one else in the webinar can see you or your extra-large glass of pinot, the class is live and you can ask questions.

For Fitness and Wellness
Fit in a workout during nap time with Y2BFit’s virtual studio, created by Philly mom Crystal Widmann. The yoga and barre expert knows exactly what you need to start retraining muscles post-baby (she learned after her own baby) and has created a workout that will do just that. While she offers in-home private sessions, her virtual classes couldn’t be more convenient. View an unlimited about of yoga and barre classes for $10 a month, or purchase six or 12-week 30-minute series that are meant to be done three times a week.