Wee Spotlight: Doll Face Cookies

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You guys should really know about Doll Face Cookies, a Norristown-based one-woman-show specializing in custom cookies, for two reasons: 1) They are stunning — detailed, colorful, adorable, memorable. And 2) Ashlee avoids that very common decorated-cookie trap wherein the treats themselves are pretty, but also dry, crumbly and tasteless. Her cookies are delish.

Here’s the full scoop: Owner/baker Ashlee Doll (who is also a nurse, and also mom to three boys ages 5, 6, and 9) can do just about anything you ask. “People will just send me pics of things they see that they like, and I can recreate them,” she says. “Others will just say “Surprise me”, which is scary and fun at the same time.” For those clients, Ashlee says, she’ll offer ideas and send pictures to them for inspiration, or simply get information like names and preferred colors, and go from there. She’s done myriad designs for baby showers, tea parties, christenings, birthdays for adults and kids, and the like. Cookies — generally vanilla sugar cookies, although she’s also branching out into other flavors — are $3 apiece, with fees for delivery and packaging. And she does deliver in most cases, depending on location.

Want more of a preview? You should check out Ashlee’s Instagram feed @dollfacecookies for a bigger sampling of stuff she’s done. (Those sped-up mini-videos of the decorating process are transfixing!)  Want to order? You can reach her through the Doll Face Facebook page, or call/text or email her at 267-266-9322 or dollfacecookies15@gmail.com.

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