Where to Pick Your Own Berries This Season

Fruit tastes better freshly plucked, don’t you think? Read more

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Wanna take the kids to pick some fruit? We’ve got a bunch of pick-your-own venues around Philly, where you can gather anything from blueberries to cherries to corn to flowers. (And you might even find some inflatables, or splashpads, or hayrides to go along with the picking!) Here’s a list of some of Wee’s favorite go-to spots.

The spot: Linvilla Orchards
The location: Media
The goods: They still have strawberry crops, and cherries are on the way soon. The crop schedule shows that  summer will also bring tomatoes, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries .. plus veggies and flowers. 
What else you should know: The Raspberry Festival is Saturday, June 25 — along with picking, there’ll be hayrides, pony rides, face-painting, train rides, and more. Also, you can sign up to get email reminders for particular fruits you don’t want to miss. 

The spot: Johnson’s Corner Farm
The location: Medford, NJ
The goods: Johnson’s offers great pick-your-own hayrides for spring and summer: Right now we’re at the end of strawberry season and very nearly at the beginning of blueberry season. A tad later in the summer come peaches and nectarines. (Oh! And corn!) 
What else you should know: Johnson’s is also known for its Discovery Barnyard and Animal Farm (which includes climbing rocks, pedal go-kart tracks, a splash pad, an obstacle course, and, of course, animals) — and it’s always good for a fun afternoon.  

The spot: Solebury Orchards 
The location: New Hope
The goods: Starting in early July, there will be pick-your-own blueberries, and flowers, too. Later in the summer will come tomatoes, cherries (a light crop this year because of freezing temperatures in April!), and blackberries.
What else you should know: Bring your camera: This place is gorgeous. Like, holiday card photo gorgeous.

The spot: Highland Orchards
The location: West Chester
The goods: Rhubarb, strawberries, sweet cherries, and black raspberries for June; blackberries for July.
What else you should know: You need to register to pick before you hit the fields; you can do it online here.

The spot: Shady Brook Farms
The location: Yardley
The goods: Strawberries now, blueberries and blackberries starting in July, and peaches starting in August.
What else you should know: You can stop and get Uncle Dave’s hand-dipped ice cream (made there onsite) in seasonal flavors like peach, black raspberry, strawberry … and a bunch more. Also, you should know that throughout the summer, the farm celebrates various fruit festivals along with the picking, which include inflatables, wagon rides, animals, Tryke Tracks and more. 

The spot: The Market at DelVal
The location: Doylestown
The goods: Strawberries now and later, peaches. 
What else you should know: Got a group of kids? Del Val offers a range of great farm tours for the summer (including a dairy tour and a sustainability themed tour).

The spot: Longview Farm
The location: Collegeville
The goods: For the rest of June, we’re looking at pick-your-own flowers (the strawberries didn’t make it this year), but for July and August, there’s blueberries, tomatoes, cherries, as well as a whole bunch of veggies.
What else you should know: You can sign up for the farm‘s email newsletter to know what’s in season when.