Wee One-on-One: Shelley Liebsch

This Senior V.P. at Destination Maternity (and Queen Village mom) shares her favorite kid-things in Philly Read more

Name: Shelley Liebsch

Neighborhood or ‘burb of residence: Queen Village

Job: Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Design at Destination Maternity®, A Pea in the Pod® & Motherhood Maternity®; I oversee the designs and buying for all of the 1000+ store locations.

Did you grow up in the Philly area? I grew up in Massachusetts, worked in NYC for five years post-college and then moved to Philly 14 years ago to work as a buyer for Urban Outfitters and to be closer to my now husband, Dan.

Favorite local playground or park: We frequent Shot Tower Playground in Queen Village, but now that the kids are turning 6 and 8, they are more interested in playing sports, so that takes us all over the city and NJ.

Kid’s haircut: I cut their hair myself. Sometimes it works out better than others; I can usually tell how bad it is from my husband’s reaction.

Favorite kid-friendly restaurant: For Pete’s Sake in Queen Village. It’s actually a pub, but there are lots of families eating there earlier in the night and with outdoor seating in the summer, it makes it easy with strollers. The food is also amazing. I recommend the potato soup and mussels.

Favorite family event or outing: We are an amusement park family—whether a day at the boardwalk in Ocean City or Wildwood or a weekend in Hershey. This summer we are going to Busch Gardens for our vacation. We’ve been to Disney twice and Universal is my favorite park in the U.S. so far.

Kids’ class: My kids are in an after-school program until 5:30 p.m. since we both work. The program offers karate, crafts, science projects, LEGOs, iPad math games (to name a few), and they are fortunate enough to have music and Spanish at school. I try to let them be kids on the weekend and not overload them when they are home since they have a longer day than most during the week.

Date night spot: We actually don’t get out much, but my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood is Kanella, a Greek restaurant on Front Street that has amazing cocktails.

Rainy day go-to: To be honest, it’s Dave & Busters; our kids think it’s the best day ever. We just went the other weekend. They keep adding new technology and games. It’s actually quite fun.

Favorite fast massage/facial/manicure/treat for you: Manicure? I don’t have time so I do my nails myself. It’s been over a year since I had a massage. To have the benefits of working in my dream job and raising two kids, I have to give up some of the little things, and I don’t really regret it.

Favorite cultural activity or event: Does watching the Walking Dead count?

Place to find babysitters: Yes! Please let me know.

Favorite toy in your house right now: Connect Four. I don’t let the kids win. I am trying to teach them strategy and how to lose a battle with dignity.

Item you can’t live without: The ShopStyle app and my to-do lists.

Best parenting books or blogs you’ve read: We are figuring it out on our own as we go along, but check out the fabulous blog that we do for our brands.

Dad/child activity: Dan always takes them to hockey practice.

Person/professional you cannot live without: My husband! We share in the family schedule: I do the drop-off, he does the pick-ups; I tend to manage paperwork, laundry and purchases and he cooks and covers sports. We support each other and our crazy schedules to make it work for us.

Exercise class: A treadmill in the basement.

One thing you wish Philly had that it doesn’t: A Wegmans. I work in New Jersey and now go there on the weekends, too, just for Wegmans. They have the best ham.

My mornings are … Routine—5:45 am wake up, get ready, then wake up kids and get them dressed and to school by 7:45 am to be at work by 8:30 am. I always get the lunch boxes and school bags ready at night after the kids are in bed and I try to pick out my clothes the night before to save time in the morning.

Education in Philly is … Challenging, but I was lucky enough to get the kids into a strong school in the neighborhood, so I cannot complain.

The most challenging part of being a parent in Philly is … I think Philly is a great place to raise kids, which is why I still live in the city.

The most rewarding part of being a parent in Philly is … The availability of some of the best schools, restaurants, parks, museums and hospitals within a 10 minute drive. Since I live on a tight schedule, location is important to me.

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