Wee Bits: Lead Testing in Philly, a Kindergarten Mixer and Great Swim Spots

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Hey, thanks, Curbed, for this fun list of lakes and rivers (for swimming!) near Philly. It’s certainly good dippin’ weather.

More fun here: There’s a Ghostbusters Babies on Board screening at the PFS Roxy Theater today, Wednesday, July 20th, at noon! (Wheeee!) The Baby on Board program (which we’ve written about hereinvites new parents and caretakers to bring their children to the theater: They lower the volume a bit, and fussing, giggling, and sleeping are no problem. Check out all the info here.

This mom who recreated celebrity’s photos of parenthood really made me laugh. (Via HuffPo)

This just feels apropos right now: 30 inspiring books for kids on the women and girls of the Civil Rights Movement, from the folks at A Mighty Girl.

The Philly water department is updating its lead-testing methods, according to this Philly Mag story.

Whoa, how fascinating — even if it is also sort of intuitive. Paying with cash may hurt more, but the psychological rewards are noticeably higher, according to the NYT.

Got a rising kindergartner? You should know about — and go to — this Kindergarten Mixer at the Please Touch Museum. It’s FREE and it sounds adorable.

How to make a decent sandcastle, in five steps, a la Parents.com. (Hey, don’t ever say we don’t bring you important stories.)

What is this? Smartphones made just for women? Don’t worry, the Cut shuts it down.