Weekend Bits: Bathing Suit Power, Zika Worrying and Easy 4th of July Desserts

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I found this article about Zika from NY Mag to be one of the more helpful I’ve seen (and I see a lot of them, because I am freaked about Zika).

Nice, body- and life-affirming work from Jennifer Weiner, via Be Well Philly.

Once, again, uwishunu has a kickass round-up of fun stuff to do this holiday weekend.

26 easy 4th of July dessert recipes from the New York Times!

Want it: Our own mobile personal air purifier.

Why French parents are happier than their American counterparts, according to The Cut. (It’s not because French women don’t get fat.)

I read this Scarymommy post about a dad’s daycare wardrobe fail two days ago, and I am still cracking up.