Wee Bits: Zika in Florida, Awesome Make-Ahead Snacks, and Reassuring News About Baby Sleep

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Well, we knew this was coming. The CDC just issued a travel advisory for Zika within the U.S., suggesting that pregnant women and their partners not go to a town north of Miami where mosquitoes appear to be transmitting the virus. (But hey, Congress, y’all just enjoy your vacation that you took before managing to pass FUNDING FOR RESEARCH. Might wanna steer clear Miami.)

According to this piece in the NYT, you don’t need to stress over what method you choose for putting your baby to sleep — all of the popular methods work, the doctor/author writes, and none cause harm or undue stress on the baby.

Wee contributor and brilliant writer Dorothy Robinson has a great piece on Quartz this week about how moms should allow themselves to parent more like dads.

Hey guys: There are TWO new camps you should know about, happening in coming weeks. The first is an art camp from August 15 to 19 at Primp and Play, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., for kids 4 and up. (You can drop off or stay for a spa session!) The second is an adorable camp at Yoga Habit from August 23 to 25, for kids 5 through 10, from 11 to 1:30 p.m. Kids will play games, learn movement and yoga poses, do crafts, and more.

It’s a gut punch, but this incredibly sad story from the NYT about a terminally ill boy who was made an honorary Marine is also beautiful. People are good.

Ash and I sometimes joke about forming a compound for our families so we can co-parent (co-co-parent?), but the Atlantic just published a story about four families who are doing exactly that. It’s really … something else.

I have no idea when Domino started running food stories, but nevertheless, these 35 Healthy After-School Snacks You Can Make In Advance look really, really tasty.

Breast pump or torture device? Here’s 200 Years of Breast Pumps, in 18 Images from HuffPo.

Fit Pregnancy compiled a list of the 10 best fertility apps out there.