Baby Bento: Easy Preschool Lunches … Delivered!

Local, organic, fresh and homemade lunches. And you don’t have to pack ’em! Read more

baby Bento Philadelphia

We loved on Baby Bento when it first launched in early 2016, because the idea is so incredibly appealing — fresh, homemade, locally sourced lunches and dinners for your littles, DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. Meaning you could feed your kids healthy and diverse meals that you wouldn’t have to spend all that time planning and making.

These days, owner Llana Orachewsky has a few new things going that everyone should know about … including a package designed specifically for preschool –or pre-K, or daycare — lunches. (Brilliant!)

First, though, it bears noting that the business still works basically how it always has: Llana takes online orders weekly; she then shops for the ingredients (much of which come from local farmers’ markets) and prepares the week’s meals, then drops them off at your house. She offers three types of meals: spooners are purees for very young babies (6 to 10 months); pinchers are bite-sized finger foods for babies and young toddlers (10 to 18 months); forkers are for slightly older, more independent eaters (18 months and up). Each menu item offers a range of flavors (for example, the newest menu will offer everything from a caprese pasta salad to an almond-butter-and-jam crepe to an arugula-pineapple-and-mint puree to pita pizza bites) to expose kids to a bunch of foods. Each meal is nutritionally balanced, and made with local, seasonal and organic ingredients. We should all eat so well.

Here’s what’s new: In lieu of the a la carte options she originally offered, Llana has begun to offer meal plans instead, which are actually more cost-effective for the orderer: You can order 4, 8 or 12 meals per week, at prices that range from $17.99 per week to $91.99, depending on what meal package you’re choosing and how many of them you’re ordering. If you order the 8- or 12-meal plans, the plan can include 4 or 5 lunches, which means that not only do you have dinner covered many or all nights, but you’ve also got healthy lunches already packed and ready to go. (That sound you hear are the angels singing the Hallelujah chorus.) OR! You can also simply sign up for Baby Bento’s Lunch Bunch plan, which is, yes, just the lunches: You get five lunches a week for $39.99. Each lunch includes a snack, as well as the seasonal fruits and veggies you want your kid to be eating.

As for specifics: Definitely check the site for more info (as well as for the scoop on the first foods package for new eaters), but yes, you can indicate dietary needs and allergies, and your meals will reflect your needs. Lunches are delivered Monday mornings (before school!); the bigger dinner plans get two drop-offs a week. The menus change weekly, which means your kid will get a different meal every day, every week. It’s pretty ingenious, no?