Wee Love: Zojirushi (Unspillable, Miracle) Stainless Mug

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Zojirushi coffee thermos

It strikes me every year at about this time — that is, the great moment when mornings brisk and chilly — how much I love and need to evangelize about the word’s best coffee thermos. It’s called the Zojirushi mug, and yes, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I cannot tell you how glad I am on these mornings to own the lockable, stainless thermos that keeps the coffee hot from the moment you leave until well after lunchtime … but stays cool to the touch on the outside. When the thing is locked, it’s so air-tight that I can just toss it, like, totally worry-free, into my purse (which is the only way I could possibly carry a coffee at all, given that I’m usually also hauling my kids’ rest mat, his lunch, his stroller, and etc.). Cleaning the two or three parts that make up the lid is a little annoying, but no more so than any of your kids’ bottles or thermoses. So: Two Wee thumbs up, forever.