Important News: Give Kids Sight Day is This Weekend

That means free eye exams and free glasses for kids Read more

give kids sight philadelphia

I got glasses when I was seven years old. The thing I remember most about my first pair was the moment I put them on: I could actually see individual leaves on the trees, which I guess had slowly become indistinct green blobs to me. It made me cry. Thirty years later, I still remember the relief at suddenly not having to squint to see the chalkboard.

This weekend, a whole bunch of local institutions — Wills Eye, Jefferson Medical College, Public Citizens for Children and Youth, Visionworks, First Hospital Foundation and the Eagles Youth Partnership — are partnering up for the annual Give Kids Sight Day, which is a FREE (yes, FREE, totally FREE) eyecare program with FREE vision-testing and FREE eyeglasses for kids 17 and younger. It is for children who have not had — or have not passed — eye screening, and/or for kids who are uninsured. This is obviously MAJOR help for families — and worthy of sharing with everyone you know.

The event is this Saturday, October 29, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Jefferson Alumni Hall at 10th and Locust.