Spotlight: Lucy & Leo Organic Kids’ Clothing

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lucy & leo

You might not have heard of Rachel Mednick — Fairmount resident, fashion designer, entrepreneur — but chances are pretty good at this point that you’ve heard of her label, Lucy & Leo, the all-organic, made-in-America line of kids’ clothes. (Adorable kids clothes, we should add.)

The company started a few years back, when Mednick was living in New York, freshly graduated from Drexel U. Her cousin had just had a baby — Lucy — and was frustrated by the pervasiveness of pink, leopard-print, sparkly, foofy baby-girl clothes on the market. “So I started making stuff for Lucy to wear,” Mednick says. “I was working full time and doing it on the side, but then, a couple of years later, when Lucy’s brother Leo was born, I decided I was ready to make kids’ clothes full time.” Thus Lucy & Leo, the brand, was born.

Mednick started small, with a pop-up in Bryant Park in Manhattan; four years later, she’s running a rapidly expanding business, with several seasons worth of collections (all of which are sourced, designed and patterned by her, and produced in Brooklyn), clothes in a handful of local stores (Minnow Lane, Cloth, Art Star), an online registry, even a newish skincare line, which is also organic and vegan. (Bonus: Her website provides styling ideas for her clothes!)

As to her decision to keep everything organic, she says, “It’s because the environmental factor is huge for me. I wanted to make a business, and contribute to the world, but I wanted to do it in a way that made a positive impact, without using the dyes and pesticides that run into our water.” All of her dyes are eco-friendly and organic. “You also have to remember that kids’ skin is really absorbent, and we should be careful about what we’re putting on it,” Rachel says. “Things like conventional dyes and pesticides don’t come out with just regular washing.”  

It’s pretty easy to love the idea ethical, safe kids’ clothes — and it doesn’t hurt that the clothes are totally charming. And speaking of charming: We asked Rachel to pick out some of her very favorites this season, her top picks in her line right now. Below are her Lucy & Leo faves of the moment:  

416_lucyleo_catalog1999-2The Greenwich Overall. “One of our best sellers season after season, this organic overall is super soft and cozy, looks great layered or alone.”






The Sniffle Stick. snifflestick_grande “It’s starting to feel cold out and with the cold weather comes sniffles, this menthol free vapor rub with easy roller ball applicator is the perfect quick fix for the sniffles.”




The Henry Henley. henryhenleyout “I love the classic look of this top. And who doesn’t love a good stripe?”




The Vest of the Village. 416_lucyleo_catalog0716  “It’s super soft and has a cute pointy hood. Need I say more?”




The Mulberry Dress. mulberrydresskidsmall“This dress is made with super soft and cozy baby corduroy. And I love the polka dot pockets.”






The Salve Stick. ztt_8179_grande“When it gets cold outside, baby’s skin can get dry and chapped, especially if they are drooling. Salve Stick to the rescue!”





Photos courtesy of Lucy & Leo.