Weekend Bits: Scary Sinkholes, a J.Crew Activewear Line, and Why We Need to Regular Baby Skin-Care Products

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weekend bits

The Cut reports on a new Gallup poll that says more than half of working moms would rather stay home and take care of their kids.

God bless those poor terrified, suffering families in Haiti.

A superhero dad built an American Ninja Warrior course in his backyard for his five-year-old daughter, and everything about this video is awesome. 

The New York Times ran a wonderful piece on the 10th anniversary of the shooting murder of the five Amish girls in Lancaster County: The family of the shooter — including the shooter’s brother, Zachary Tyler Roberts, a photographer — has been embraced by the Amish community, and it is a remarkable story, with remarkable photos from Zachary.

Agreed, Cut: It’s Time to Regulate Baby Skin-Care Products. (All skin-care products, actually.)

Y’all have seen this, right? The FDA says homeopathic teething tablets and gels aren’t a good idea. (Via CNN.)

Well and Good says J.Crew is launching an activewear line (because who’s not?). All I can say is that it will be a cold day in hell before I wear horizontal stripes on my bum, J.Crew.

This Philly.com story is terrible: Sinkholes are one of my greatest Philly fears.