Wanna Be a Stronger, Fitter Mama? Start Here.

These six-week training sessions are exactly what you need. Read more

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Here’s the thing about a time-to-get-in-shape pledge: If you start too big, shoot too high, you will most likely quit. Enter Balance Chestnut Hill’s popular “B Fit Mommy & Me” series, a realistic, defined and totally doable six-week program. (Look, you carried that watermelon around for nine long months, you can do anything for six weeks!)

This beloved studio is known for small group classes that offer the same high-quality training, targeting and inspiration as a one-on-one private session. And these 45-minute sessions are no different. What sets this program apart is that it actually pushes you to work hard, unlike many other Mommy & Me sessions out there. In fact, this program is tried-and-true: The inspiration came from workouts that owner Amy Carolla developed for herself and Melissa Victorino — yes, Shane’s wife — after they both had babies.

Since then, Balance has put many moms through this series. Expect to be lead through sets of cardio, stretching and strength exercises that focus on all the areas that new moms need focusing on. (You know which ones we are talking about, right?) The program is designed to incorporate your baby, which besides being super cute (the smiles!) and convenient (no babysitter!), adds additional resistance during bodyweight exercises.

We also love that this is a six-week series (with two classes a week), which is not an overwhelming commitment, but frequent enough to feel your body changing, energy levels rising and bottom tightening. It’s a solid kick start. Amy knows that mom life can be a struggle, so you can also pay per class and go when you can.

Check out a quick video (with a cute baby!) of the workout here.

Some other things to dig: you’ll make connections with new moms; spend some QT with tbaby; have all the tools you need to continue to get stronger; and have access to the goal coaches, nutritionists, physical therapists and trainers that Balance always has around.

Last thing: If you are into the idea of this six-week program but are looking for more, Balance is offering semi-private six week personal training sessions, which includes unlimited group classes. (And, FWIW, I started working out with a trainer five years ago and will never NOT workout with a trainer. It’s a game changer for us time-strapped, exhausted moms.)

The Details:
What: B Fit Mommy & Me Series
Where: Balance Chestnut Hill (call or email info@balancech.com to register)
When: The next program starts November 16th and has classes twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30 a.m.
Cost: 12 sessions, $195; 6 sessions, $110; single session, $20
Bonus: Balance also has a solid line-up of programs for kids aged four and up. Check it out here.

What: Balance Goals six week semi-private training sessions
When: Next one starts in January
Cost: Six-week program, $449 (a $795 value), which includes unlimited group fitness classes.