Wee Bits: 10 Best Kids’ Books of the Year, Awesome Under-Eye Concealer, and Discipline Help for Parents

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Septa is on strike, which y’all likely already know. But here’s the deal, via Phlly Mag. (Also, here’s how to navigate it all.)

Here’s how to bike the strike, from the Bicycle Coalition.

The best kids’ books of the year, according to Parents.com.

Alert! November 10, parent coach Brandi Davis is hosting one of her most popular parenting webinars: Discipline Made Easy starts at 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 10, and is just $10. (Her webinars are truly helpful, and super easy. You can read more here.) There’s another on the 15th about surviving the holidays — another good one — helping you navigate disciplining in public, handling hellos and goodbyes, teaching gratitude, and more.

Intriguing, and also sort of depressing read from Vice: “I Went to a Feminism Class for Private School Boys.” 

The Cut tells us about some amazing under-eye concealer. 

The New York Times tells us to teach our kids the proper names for their private parts.

Y’all: Don’t forget that Philly Paper Jam is still going strong, helping supply paper to Philly public schools — you can vote for your school, or donate, or both!

This feels rather intuitive, but also really an interesting read from NPR: How A Happy School Can Help a Student Succeed. 

Via FastCompany: Here’s the next (ergnomic, European, eco-friendly) stroller obsession.