Wee Bits: Good News for Philly Schools, a New Mary Poppins, and the Agony of School Photos

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News Bits and Pieces Philadelphia

A little good news: The DNC Host Committee is donating $750K to Philly public schools for books. Via Philly Mag.

Speaking of schools: This is really some piece from Newsworks about a fight at Dobson Elementary in Manayunk: “A story of class, disability, and self-preservation in a Philly school.”

There’s a new Mary Poppins movie coming — a sequel, Mary Poppins Returns! — and it’s got Meryl Streep, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Angela Lansbery!

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ piece in The Atlantic“My President Was Black” — is well worth the read, as you might have guessed.

I think you’re going to enjoy this piece about the insanity of LifeTouch photos from Wee friend Dorothy Robinson over at The Tankini Files.

One tiny spark of something good coming from Syria this week.

Really liked this piece from NPR on the “Ideal Mother vs. the Ideal Worker”. “The question is too specific because it fails to make room for the broader questions all of us face about how to balance and trade off our many roles and goals. Working mothers are more than just workers and mothers.”

Here’s some heartening (well, I found heartening) research on school topics such as class size, red-shirting and diversity in schools.

There’s not much in life that I enjoy more than a Pinterest Fail. Here’s the holiday dessert version. Via Delish.com.