Wee Bits: How to Do Some Good, Gift Ideas for Kids and Moms and Babies, and Great News from IKEA

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Are you feeling like you need to do good things for your fellow man? Here’s a really great place to start locally, and here’s some helpful info on an international scale.  

From Forbes: “Swedish furniture chain IKEA will now offer up to four months paid parental leave to its U.S. workers of all genders, whether they’re salaried or hourly — and irrespective of whether they’re becoming parents via birth, adoption, or fostering.” THIS IS AMAZING; IKEA, YOU ROCK.

A little shameless self-promotion, here: Did y’all see our piece on Be Well about Christmas decorating (and how hard it is to motivate to do it)? Go check it out!

Also, Eastern State Penitentiary is running a toy and book drive for the kids of incarcerated or recently released parents. Unwrapped toys and books can be dropped off at the penitentiary.

I really enjoy any sort of photo retrospective, but the Atlantic’s top 25 news photos of the year felt especially resonant/painful this year. So … enjoy?

The Cut continues its awesome string of great gift ideas … this time for kids. And the Strategist has some for moms and also one really spectacular idea for babies!! (I wish I’d known about that baby one before now!)

Wee friend and dietitian Katie Cavuto tells Philly.com the best pre-packaged foods you can get at Acme.

Good God, this Patton Oswalt piece in GQ almost killed me. But it’s very good, and a testament to a parent’s love, and a husband’s love.

Speaking of weeping: Good Christ, New York Times(But it’s beautiful.)

This piece from Science of Us reports that moms who are hurt the most my the “motherhood penalty” are the ones who stand to earn the most. “… women with the strongest skill sets and the best-paying jobs — teachers, nurses, accountants, therapists, and managers of various stripes — were hit the hardest, averaging a 10 percent loss to long-term earnings for every kid they had or adopted.”

Sniff, sniff. Gotta love the holiday commercials that make you weep happy tears.

Look, no judgement, papa-fans — you do your thing. But this piece on Jezebel about a piece from Daily Beast reporting on the trend of dudes preferring to be “papa” over “dad” did make me giggle.