The Bottle Bundle, a Brilliant Option for New Moms

An excellent idea, and an excellent gift. PLUS: A DEAL! Read more

baby's choice bottle bundle

Much of parenting, as we all know, is about learning things the hard (very hard) way. And that — well, avoiding that — is the driving force behind the Bottle Bundle, a product created by South Philly moms (and sisters-in-law!) Hallie and Abby Fenton. Their Bottle Bundle allows new parents to try out four different types of bottle before they spend a boatload on bottles that the baby might not take.

The backstory here is that both moms, who had babies just eight months apart, struggled when their little ones rejected their bottles. “We’d done all the research,” says Abby. “We thought we knew what would be best, and then both of us had the experience where our daughters rejected the bottles we’d bought for them,” Abby says. “I spent so long trying to get my daughter to take a bottle she hated.” By chance, she says, she tried another brand one day, “and it was magic. She took four ounces of breast milk. I was like, ‘I can’t believe I stressed out for so long about this.'” A lot of other women the duo spoke to had noted similar experiences, Abby says. “Sometimes you have to try two, three, four different kinds before you find the right one. I have all these extra bottles now in the basement. It’s a very wasteful thing, and we thought there was a better way to get at this.”

Last May (Mother’s Day!), the duo launched their company, Baby’s Choice, with the Bottle Bundle as their premier product. The Bundle box is charmingly packaged with four popular brands — Avent, Nuk, Dr. Brown’s and Tommee Tippee — for $38.99. If you’re buying it as a gift, you can also tack on a $25 gift card to Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, or Babies R Us, so that once mom and babe are happy with one model, buying a full set of the favorites is easy.

“I felt a little silly and sort of sad spending so much of my maternity leave stressed out about this,” Abby says. “We want new moms to have the chance to try things out before they end up investing in something. We hope to simplify the process.” It’s a great idea, no? And not for nothing, if the baby likes all the bottles, then the mama can use them all, or pick her own favorite — maybe the easiest to clean, or the one that’s most compatible with a pump, or whathaveyou. It’s a win-win.

As of this moment, the Bottle Bundle is only sold online — you can see the site here, and also follow Baby’s Choice on Facebook, Insta and Twitter. AND! They’re giving Wee Readers a discount code, if you want to buy: Type in WeeWander20 and you’ll get 20 percent off your purchase!