Wee Bits: A Non-Insane Detox, a Wage Gap Fight, Sinkholes and the Sad Truth About Librarians

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News Bits and Pieces Philadelphia

Sigh. The Philadelphia School District, with 220 schools, has just eight full-time certified librarians, according to Philly.com. The story quotes Jerry Jordan, the teachers’ union president: “Prisons in Pennsylvania are required to have a library, but schools aren’t,” Jordan says. “It’s disgraceful that this has been allowed to happen to our children.” Finding a way to put a librarian — even part-time — in every school seems like a difficult but worthy endeavor for the city, no?

The Pope supports public breast-feeding, like a boss. Via NPR.

“We think of guns being an incredibly controversial topic, but what your polling shows and ours has shown is there’s a whole lot of gun policies that really aren’t controversial,” said Daniel Webster, a professor and director of the Johns Hopkins center for gun policy and research. This entire NYT story is enlightening on the topic of gun control, and how very in favor most of the public and most of the experts are for individual measures aimed at stemming America’s gun crisis. 

I think there’s something to the idea of finding a slightly more tangible way to grieve a miscarriage, as this (sad) NYT piece suggested.

Hey, this “working girl detox” from GOOP doesn’t sound crazy or painful at all. It sounds kind of yummy, actually.

Well this is an interesting development on a new city bill aimed to help shrink the wage gap. Via Philly.com.

Sinkhole!! One of my biggest Philly fears.

Wow, lots from Philly.com this week: These restaurateurs are matching the new soda tax revenues from their restaurants and donating the cash to their local Philly school. 

This NYT story about China’s reversal of the one-child policy and the government’s free removal of the once-mandatory IUDs is sad, troubling.

Hey, all: Tomorrow, January 12, there’s a FREE pregnancy and postpartum workshop at Rebalance Physical therapy in Narberth. The workship will feature postpartum and pelvic floor therapists discussing guidelines for exercise after birth, as well as the prevention/treatment of pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti, C-section and perineal scars, back pain, and more. The workship begins at 6:30, and it is FREE. To register, email info@rebalancept.com or call 267-282-1301.

One more helpful announcement for new moms: A new round of the postpartum and new-parent support group at Center City peds starts today! No need to register; details here!