Wee Bits: Toxic Lipstick, the End of Little Pete’s, and the Mystery of Septa Key

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wee bits

Sad: Au revoir, Little Pete’s. Via Philly Mag.

So much love for this collection of the White House photographer’s favorite photos of the year. 

What a cool idea: Newsworks reports on a couple of Penn researchers who dreamed up a way to help needy people you encounter in the city get what they actually want — winter coats, fresh socks, toiletries, and so forth. A nice story.

I can’t stop thinking about what a total badass this mom is, trekking through 30 miles of snow “subsisting on twigs and her urine” to save her family.

Just a small reminder that the wonderful PlayArts in Fishtown has some awesome classes and play times happening, including a new postpartum/new parent support group, complete with a doula to lead the sessions. Details here!

OMG, Septa Key. Get it together, already. 

This NPR story on the scarcity of childcare (and the problems that scarcity can bring) reminds us how very, very far away we are from having a real working system in place for all parents.

CBS reports that one city councilperson is finally working to address how dangerous all of the closed sidewalks and crosswalks are to pedestrians in this city.

Wow to this NYMag story — A Year Ago I Had A Baby. So Did My Wife.

Here’s Billy Penn’s list of what is and is not taxed under the new sugar tax.

Tis the season, as the NYT points out, for the kid cough that doesn’t go away. 

Via CNN: The FDA decides it might be time to start suggesting that cosmetic companies limit amount of lead they put in your lipstick. But don’t worry, it’s not a rule or anything… just a suggestion.