Hey Runners (or Walkers!): You’re Going to Want to Know About This Gym

Introducing the treadmill studio … with classes Read more

incline running

While you all know that Wee Wander’s primary focus isn’t fitness (haha, I wrote that while literally dunking a Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patty into a cup of chocolate milk), we love news of new, cool, convenient options for, well … escaping and for focusing on oneself for a bit. And the new Incline Running  sounds both cool and convenient so far as workouts go. (And for my money, it also a bit less intimidating than some boutique fitness studios — power walking was the primary exercise I felt comfortable doing when I was pregnant and then after I gave birth.)

Here’s the deal: The two-week-old Haverford treadmill fitness studio focuses on, yes, running and walking. The concept is similar to your typical spin class, only instead of biking, you’re jogging, running or walking in a class setting, complete with the awesome soundtrack and a roaming instructor who can help tweak your technique and help push you. Owner Joshua Hirshey — Philly native, Penn Valley resident and dad of two — says he really wanted to combine “that class environment, that awesome camaraderie when people get together for group fitness” with the workout that a treadmill provides. The treadmills at Incline, however, aren’t just any treadmills; they’re Woodway treadmills, which are specially designed to be easy on the knees, joints and connective tissues. “I wanted a place to go run when it’s snowy out, or when my knee has flared up, or when someone like my mom, who’s in her 70s, wanted a place to go and work out, a place people could go with their friends and enjoy the experience and the energy,” Hirshey says.

There are currently five classes on offer: RUN I, which is sort of the basic running class (you can also walk!); DISTANCE; HILLS (great for backsides, obvs); POWER WALK (it’s walking, yes, but it’s not a cinch, Hirshey says); and CLASSIC WALK. “We wanted to make sure we had specific classes that would bring everyone in,” he says. In all classes, you can determine your own speed.

Two more things you should know: 1) Your first class at Incline Running is FREE. 2) Hirshey is planning a second location in Center City, though details on exactly where/when are still TBD. Stay tuned.

You can see more about the place, including prices and sign-up info, here.