The Thing That Will Make Feeding the Fam 1,000 Times Easier

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Here’s the thing about cooking dinner every night: You know you should do it, but it’s pretty much the last thing in the world you want to do. Enter Demarle at Home, the company that invented the genius Silpat baking sheet. Turns out they have a ton more products in their line, all made of the same 100% food grade silicone magic. And magic, it is. You never need to grease, flour, oil or use parchment paper again and the products (think mini muffin trays and round molds) can be used in the microwave or oven. Plus, cleanup is a cinch. (By our count, this saves about a billion cooking steps.)

The company also presents simple recipes and cooking confidence through it’s at home social cooking classes. Grab a bunch of friends and learn to make things like breakfast frittatas, fresh applesauce, mini pies and entire meals in one (never-needs-to-be-scrubbed-or-scraped) pan. All of this adds up to Demarle at Home’s motto, “Cook, Eat, Connect”, because using their products and hosting their social cooking classes will save you time, provide your family with healthy food, allow you to meet new friends and share meals with old ones. We like to say we are defending the family dinner!

Demarle at Home understands the desire families have to cook like it’s a pleasure and gather around the table. Our solutions are helpful, intelligent, and fun. Plus, Demarle at Home offers a business opportunity that allow you to help others find the same joy of cooking while starting a business that is self-directed, financially rewarding and centered around everything that you love.

I invite you to experience good cooking as a host, a customer or as a consultant and I would love to show you more about these amazing products. Please contact me with your questions, to schedule a social cooking class, a one-on-one session or your order!
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