Kids’ Dance Classes at the Rock School

Here’s your chance to try a kids’ pre-ballet or hip-hop class FOR FREE Read more

rock school dance classes

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Do you have a little dancer — or would-be dancer — in your house? You’re going to want to check out the Family and Friends Open House at the Rock School of Dance on April 1.

First — in case you don’t know about the Rock School: The internationally acclaimed dance school has been around for some 50 years, training young dancers through supportive, caring instruction in everything from ballet to pre-ballet to “children’s dance” to hip-hop to pre-gymnastics. (“We want our students to grow as individuals in the process,” the mission declares.) The place offers fun dance instruction, but it’s also no joke: They’ve developed dancers who have ended up in some of the world’s most renowned dance companies.

Anyway: The programs are diverse and extensive, and you can read more on the site — and even better, you can check it out live and in person at the open house! There will be complimentary snacks and treats, a performance, crafts and even FREE sample classes — one pre-ballet, the other hip-hop. The event is April 1, from 1 to 3:30 p.m., at the Rock School at Broad and Washington.

One more thing: If you enroll your kiddo in the summer classes (aimed at kids from about 3 to 12) at the open house, you’ll get a five percent discount and waived registration fee.