Spotlight: Stronger After Pregnancy Group Fitness Class

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Though Ashley Reid debuted her company, Active Mom Fitness, in January, she’s been building up toward the official launch for a while now — ever since she had her daughter a couple years ago, in fact. A professional exercise physiologist with years of experience in personal training, Reid says she remained active throughout her pregnancy, and recovered from the pregnancy quickly in terms of general fitness, “but I realized then that there are so many other needs there. It’s not just about losing weight. You’re at a stage when you’re sleep-deprived, and your body might not be feeling so great and is definitely different and has gone through so much, and, sure, maybe you have some weight to lose. Even with my strong background, I found it hard to find a lot of information on what might help me feel better after pregnancy. I realized that I didn’t see a lot of support out there for those specific needs.”

Enter Active Mom Fitness, which allows Reid to zero in on moms, via personal consults, personal training, online training and more. (More on those services in a moment!) She also offers a group class at Hall-Mercer and her home-based studio in Northern Liberties called Stronger After Pregnancy, which focuses on building back real strength and fitness postpartum, in an eight-week class series that she says is partly about the workout, partly about the education (they discuss new-mom topics like nutrition, breastfeeding, weight loss, and etc.) and partly about the social aspect of working out with and getting to know other moms. Both locations are comfortable and infant-friendly — moms are welcome to bring their babies!

“The eight-week session allows the participants to know each other a little better, which makes it more comfortable — and that can be really nice for new moms,” Reid says. “It also allows for progressive challenges and changes class to class.”

Any mom who’s been cleared for exercise can participate, as classes focus on a full-body workout, addressing all parts of fitness: cardio, flexibility, strength, posture and alignment (“those are especially helpful to moms after pregnancy,” Reid notes), and exercises to recondition the core and pelvic floor. “All movements are safe for every mom cleared for exercise,” Reid says — including moms dealing with diastasis recti. Every workout is different, and she incorporates everything from Pilates to stability balls to bands and more. She also sends moms home with “homework” exercises to do — “only if they want to and have time!” — in the off-weeks.

Interested? The next session starts in April, and Reid is offering trial classes late this month if you want to check it out.The entire weight-week session is $160, and you can sign up (or read more!) on the website.

If a class isn’t what you’re looking for, you should know that Active Mom Fitness offers a bunch of different services for all stages of motherhood, from simple consults for preggies who want some tips on how to get active (or stay active) or safely target certain areas during pregnancy, to full-on personal training for moms at any stage, to group sessions customized toward a pack of moms, to online fitness consulting — a handy options for busy moms. Each month, Reid sends a new workout (for home or gym, whichever) with both written and video instructions, as well as simple but effective nutrition tips and some ideas for ways to keep the family active. Moms can try that FREE for 30 days, and it’s $14.99/month after that.

So. Lots of options! You can read more about any of it here, or on Facebook. (Or follow on Insta @activemomfitness.)


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