Wee Bits: Big Cash for Philly Schools, Play-A-Palooza, Big Little Lies, and Free Trees For Your House

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This is awesome news from Philly.com: “Energy savings could yield $600M for Philly schools” 

Saw this random advice on keeping ticks off of your body, and it seems worth a shot, no?

Given our recent review of Thinx underwear, we would be remiss to not include in our round-up this NY Mag piece that just came out about the sexual harassment claims launched against Thinx boss Miki Agrawal.

Not for the first (and certainly not for the last) time, Sesame Street’s wonderful ways of teaching and talking to all children has made me cry.

Are you watching Big Little Lies? If so, maybe you’ll be as interested in this piece about couples counselors weighing in on the show’s domestic violence as I was. From The Cut.

Hey! You can get a free tree from the city for your block! Here’s how, via Curbed. 

Via Mindshift: How Socioeconomic Diversity in Schools Helps All Students. 

This piece in the NYT about distracted parenting is very real. (So real, in fact, that I just so happen to have written about the very same phenomenon as it relates to the Internet for Philly Mag.)

No surprise here, but there’s some really huge issues with any health care plan that leaves sick kids out in the cold. Via the Atlantic:  “’This is not politics for us,’ Steve Allen, the CEO of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, wrote in an essay last week. ‘This is fear that the youngest, most vulnerable population in the United States will be denied health care they need. The voices of more than 30 million children are not being heard.’” The piece is worth the read: For all its wonky details, it is both helpful and startling to understand how vulnerable kids could be should the planned cuts go through.

Well this is cool: The NYT is launching Matchbook, a new literary advice column that will offer personalized reading suggestions to readers who email in with details about their habits, preferences, reading desires, and so forth.

Here’s a fun outing for a Saturday: On April 1, as part of its Discovery Series, Morris Arboretum is offering a kids’ event focused on pinwheels: You can make your own, and learn how they spin. From 1 to 3 p.m. Free with admission.

And finally: Play-A-Palooza is happening at Smith Playground this Saturday, Mach 25. Noon to 4 p.m., and you can get advance tickets here!

I’m not overly fond of gender-reveal hoopla, but this is easily the most impressive method I’ve ever seen. (Via Today.com.)