Wee Bits: A Happy (Happy, Happy!) Story You Want to See, Mom-and-Me Cannoli-Making, Egg Hunting, and Circus Camp

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The best possible PR for Philly … and a little ray of sunshine for your week. Have at it. (Via Philly.com)

Some more sunshine (because we can all use all of the happy stories we can get these days): One of the sweetest, loveliest little stories I believe I’ve ever read. Worth your time, though grab the tissues.

I won’t lie. There’s a lot here in this little piece that I have thought myself, which is not terribly easy for a gold-star-needer to admit.

You guys, how cute is this? Le Virtu is hosting a mommy-and-me cannoli class on May 13: You can bring your kid and make the Italian sweets together. The class will include wine (and mocktails for kids), snacks, Italian treats to take home, as well as cannoli and filling to take home. $75 for adults, $25 for kids under 15.

Another event alert: The Zoo is throwing an Easter Bunny brunch the weekend of April 15/16, complete with live animals, crafts and — of course — the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt. (Families can hang out and enjoy the zoo afterwards, too.) Details here. 

Speaking of Easter: Kids 8 and younger can participate in Momo’s Treehouse egg hunt. Tickets are $8, and must be purchased in advance. April 9, 10:30 to noon. Lots of goodies!

Via the Vulture: Julie Andrews’s new puppet show for kids (on Netflix) looks pretty great.

Ash and I were both profoundly struck by the truth to this NYT piece this weekend about how our culture has come to both overvalue and narrowly define “leadership” in our young people. Striving for excellence and striving to “lead” aren’t the same thing, but you wouldn’t know it based on college applications.

This spring break camp at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts sounds so freaking rad: April 10 through 14, kids can attend for one day or all five. Campers get to learn circus skills on the real equipment the pros use, practicing trapeze, feather balancing, juggling, spinning, tightwire, rolling globe and acrobatics. (Jealous!!)

These stories always amaze me: A couple delivered their (healthy!) baby in the parking lot of the Haverford YMCA.

Y’all saw the news about the chicken recall, right?

Welcome to Philly, refugees.

Speaking of: This New Yorker story — about refugee children in Sweden so terrified and traumatized about being sent back to the places they escaped that they literally fall into comas for months at a time, but only in Sweden, and only refugee children — is BONKERS. Sad, and tragic, and terrifying, and one of the craziest things I have ever read.