Wee Bits: The Best Baby Shower Gifts, Snowstorm Insanity and a Nation of Paid Maternity Leave

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Via Philly Mag: $1,000 fines for saving parking spaces in the snowstorm! 

The Atlantic explores why everyone buys the same three things before a snowstorm. 

New! Mindful Mamas Yoga is launching a mom-and-kid yoga class (kids 0 to 5 welcome) at the Play Cafe, from March 22 to April 26. $24 a class or $120 for the session. See details here!

What a great piece in Wash Po: “Here’s what not enough people talk about: just as new babies are vulnerable, so are their mothers. And a mother’s mental health is crucial—not just to her, but also to her baby. A depressed and anxious mother isn’t able to provide the nurturing that her baby needs to develop and grow. And if that depression and anxiety is caused or worsened by the breastfeeding experience, breastfeeding isn’t worth it.”


Related to that: A thoughtful, scary piece from NPR: I’m pregnant. What would happen if I couldn’t afford health care? 

Hey, somewhat related to that: Moms in India get 26 weeks of paid maternity leave now. 

Maybe I’m just in a mood, but this list of 20 quotes from children’s books that every adult should know made me weep.

Funny, honest little piece from the NYT about a mom’s instinct to “bully back.” 

Great piece from our friend Dorothy at Tankini Files about her remedy to the loneliness of parenting. 

The Cut’s take on the best baby shower gifts is great –– not only have we rec’d many the same things many times, but there’s some new, cool stuff on here that seems awesome.

If y’all haven’t already seen this, it’s a fantastic WSJ follow-up with the BBC dad whose kids crashed his interview. It’s lovely.

Finally: The X-plan idea has been making the rounds on social media, and it’s definitely a good idea worth the read. Via Philly.com.