Wee Bits: Party Favor Ideas, a New City Target, One-Day Theater Camps and Good Makeup Buys

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Did you guys know that the Arden does one-day theater workshops for kids? And that this weekend’s theme is Moana? (Me neither!) But check this stuff out! 

From Newsworks: Penn med students are learning to look for subtler signs of child abuse. 

Nice Kiwi Mag piece (written by Wee friend Paige Wolf!) on five eco-friendly party favor ideas. 

This research feels too good to be true, in my opinion, but hey — another reason to take a long, hot bath?

Another city Target! (Whee!) This one’s coming to No Libs. 

Y’all will not BELIEVE this mom’s lunch skills. (Via .. who else? Martha Stewart.)

EpiPen recall!! 

I always like The Cut’s take on beauty buys. Here’s their spring drugstore make-up roundup. 

Similarly, I appreciate this endorsement from the Strategist for a Yummie Tummie support camisole. I also believe it wholeheartedly because, despite the terribly unfortunate brand name, Yummie Tummie made my all-time favorite nursing tank. (I still wear it, even though I haven’t nursed in 2.5 years, which really says something.)

Nice news for “older” moms, via the NYT.

Hey all — here’s the 2017 Night Market schedule! 

Here’s a company, courtesy of Fast Company, that helps pregnant women find good maternity underwear.