Gear Up: Stuff To Help You (and Your Kid) Stay Cool This Summer

From popsicle molds to cooling sprays to a face roller, here’s 8 tools for dealing with swampy weather Read more

staying cool gear

It’s about to get real sweaty for the season, which means it’s time to break out all of our favorite cooling gear. What gear? We’re so glad you asked that question. Here, some faves for us moms, for the kids, for the whole family. Yay, summer!

For you:
The Nourishing Rosewater Mist from Beauty Counter.
This stuff is a toning spray that smells like roses — it’s moisturizing and cool and light, and a couple of sprays to the face feels sooooo good, especially after you’ve been running errands on your lunch hour and need a quick refresh, or you need a quick cool-down before you walk out the door, or right after you get in. The bonus is that it’s good for your skin.

Almay Makeup Eraser
So technically, these smart little q-tips don’t cool you down, but they do help you feel fresh and put together after your face starts melting. A pal of mine always keeps these in her office desk; I swipe them all the time. A midday swipe under your eyes never fails to make me feel immediately tidier and pulled together — and it will amaze you how much makeup and grime they remove from under the eyes, especially after you’ve been sweating.  

Under-eye masks in the fridge
In truth, I don’t have a set favorite — a few popular brands that aren’t made for bajillionaires seem to be Skyn Iceland, Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood eye masks, and Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber patches — but I do heartily endorse popping whatever you buy in the fridge a half hour before you put them on your face. Beyond combatting puff, I swear it cools down your whole body. It’s incredibly refreshing.

The Jade Face Roller
After reading about this thing for years, I finally bought one after The Strategist (my favorite source for beauty finds) just raved over how well this thing depuffs. It does, it’s true, but again, another excellent benefit of this thing is that the jade just naturally stays quite cold. It feels so good against skin — especially when you are trying to cool down — that my husband begs me to jade roll his face every night. I haven’t owned this in the summertime yet, but I can already tell you that I’m going to keep it in the fridge and use it post-shower at the beach.

For kids and/or you and/or everyone:
Klean Kanteen water bottle
We’re big fans in our house. These stainless steel water bottles keep contents cold — like really, truly cold — for hours and hours.

Dreambaby stroller fan
Truthfully, I’ve never used this fan before, but had friends who loved theirs. It always made me think: It must be so good to be a baby, pushed around in a stroller, cooled by a gentle breeze. (And yes, the blades are completely soft and flexible.)

Popsicle Molds
These Zoku molds were an impulse buy last summer and turned out to be awesome. We’d toss fruit and some Trader Joe’s pomegranate green tea into ‘em; we poured smoothies into ‘em; we sometimes poured straight up juice into ‘em. I had ambitions to go all Pinterest-level fancy on our popsicles (never did, suprise!) … but regardless, it was such a good, refreshing and generally healthy afternoon snack to take out to the porch and eat in the heat. Love these molds.

Korres Greek Yogurt After-Sun Cooling Gel
Nice for a sunburn, or just over-heated skin. Reviews suggest keeping it in the fridge, which I’m sure would feel fantastic, but regardless, the gel cools you down pretty nicely. Some people don’t like the smell, evidently, though I don’t recall being bothered by it. That said, a bottle of aloe in the fridge usually gets the same job done pretty well.