Wee Bits: A Philly Hero, The End of Little Pete’s, More Academics in Preschool, and Too-Short Lunchtimes

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Great piece from ScaryMommy about a mom who designed a line of clothes for girls that were slightly longer, slightly looser than the average girls’ clothing lines are … and sparkle-free, to boot.

This Philly teenager is a hero.

Speaking of heroes, you should read this great piece from Nicholas Kristof about men who stood up to the homegrown terrorist in Portland this week. “What united the three was decency.”

I had no idea child marriage happened so often in the United States. This NYT piece is shocking.

R.I.P., Little Pete’s.

Neat story from NPR on New Orleans schools that “meet trauma with understanding, not discipline.”

Another one from the Times: So maybe yes to play-based preschool … but with more academics mixes in? That’s the latest, anyway.

I don’t usually go out of my way to include in our roundups celebrity journalism like this piece from the recent GQ interview with Price William, but a) royals are sort of different, right? Maybe? and b) I just keep thinking how proud the princes’ mom would be of her boys, and it all makes me very teary. So: Here’s a nice smattering of quotes from Wills about mental health and family and missing his mom (sniffle).

Enjoyed this (predictably snooty) review of the new Amazon bookstore, via the New Yorker.

Fishtown folks: This Saturday is the Friends of Penn Treaty 2nd Annual Flea Market and Craft Sale. (A fundraiser for the school!) The even starts at 9 a.m. and runs to 3 p.m., right outside the school, and there’ll be deals, crafts and a family fun area with corn hole, pool-noodle archery, science experiments, tattoos, sand art, snacks and more (including raffle prizes from Minnow Lane and Cake Life, and more!).

Are lunchtimes too short? A compelling argument from BrightReads.com.

Sigh. Is the (as yet unproven) Zika vaccine going to cost more than anyone can afford? (Probably.)