Wee Bits: The Best Cakes Ever, Measles, Mother’s Day Fun, and The Reason Kids Love Superheroes

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This story from The Notebook — about the triumph and excitement of a Philly school getting a lone basketball hoop for the kids to play with at recess — is so telling. It’s wonderful for the school and the kids and the people who worked hard to get it, but … a single basketball hoop for the children was such a hard-won victory, and such a “luxury.” Sob, and rage.

Once and for all: Pre-K is really, really beneficial for pretty much all involved. (In case anyone somehow had any lingering doubts.) Via NPR.

Hahaha, Troll Cakes. This is pretty amazing.

This “Revolutionary Women” celebratory Mother’s Day tea at the Museum of the American Revolution is maybe the most Philadelphia way possible to celebrate Mother’s Day out there. (Short of ordering cheesesteaks and throwing back a few Yuenglings, anyway.)

Speaking of Mother’s Day — a bunch of local spots are offering FREE BITES for moms on Sunday, y’all. Here’s the snapshot: There’s free arepa or patacone for mom at Puyero Venezulean Flavor; free milkshake (and half off a kids’ meal) at P’unk Burger; a free small pie at Slice with the purchase of a large one for the fam; a free order of tacos at Revolution Taco; and a free glass of Champagne for mom at Fine Palate. Go forth and collect, mamas!

From Wired: A terrible, scary story of a measles outbreak in Minnesota. 

Fidget toys for your fidgeter! (Or you.) via The Strategist

From the Cut: A doctor in New York raffled off a round of free IVF for 30 winners. 

Cool! NPR is unveiling a new podcast for kids. 

Yet another bit from NPR: What a great story about a bunch of chess-playing elementary students who’ve learned to excel at the game. 

Jezebel’s take on the Dove bottle campaign just made me laugh.

Love this: Babies are born with a “sense of justice”, which is why kids as young as 6 months love superheroes. Via Parents.com.