Wee Spotlight: Binto … a Subscription Service You Should Know About

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binto bun in the oven

Some of the things we here at Wee like to write about the most, as y’all know, are cool products coming out of Philly aimed at making life better/easier/more fun for parents. Our latest favorite? Binto. Binto (a charming acronym for Bun In The Oven) is a monthly subscription service for products geared toward supporting fertility and reproductive health for women in the “period and fertility years.”

The brainchild of Fairmount-based nurse Suzie Welsh, Binto is curated for each client, each box filled with products vetted by nurses, physicians, and researchers. Women who subscribe to Binto fill out a survey that indicates exactly where she is in terms of her life and reproductive journey (e.g., trying to conceive; going through IVF; not yet trying to conceive, etc, etc.) … so boxes arrived completely customized, whether you’re after period support (organic cotton tampons, vitamins, probiotics and wipes) or more specialized fertility support (those things, plus supplements that support fertility, as well as other appropriate bits and bobs like, say, chemical-free lubricants, pregnancy tests and so forth).

The idea for creating a convenient, subscription-based product aimed at women trying to conceive hit Welsh a couple years back, when she was studying for her masters in nursing at Penn and working at Penn Fertility Care. “At the time, there wasn’t really anything like this out there,” she says. “I wanted to create a product where women could get what they need in terms of both information and products that are real — safe and effective and formulated by experts, in the business model of a subscription service.” 

Welsh developed Binto along with the company’s chief innovation officer, Kevin Ramirez, and a team of fertility specialists as advisors, then launched the business last fall, with hopes of connecting women to high-quality, medically vetted products that aren’t always so easy to for the average woman to find. The organic prenatal and regular multivitamins have built-in DHA, and all vitamins, supplements and probiotics are non-GMO, gluten-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, and approved by experts. (The tampons, too, are organic cotton, and chemical-free.) And quoth the site: “The are not random ‘powders’ and ‘supplements’ that ‘promise to get you pregnant.’ These products help support you in the journey of reproductive health and beyond!”

One of the main benefits here is convenience, of course — not only are the goods delivered to you, but the homework has already been done by a team of reproductive experts, the goods verified and hand-picked by medical pros. Another benefit? It’s a more cost effective way to get what’s good for you without having to buy it all individually — Binto boxes focused on fertility are $60 a month, and the period and health support boxes are $35 … both are a fraction of what a woman would spend on the enclosed items individually each month. In fact, it’s such a cool idea that Suzie and crew have also had requests for similar subscription services for pregnancy, postpartum and menopausal support, as well. (In the works, Welsh says!)

It’s worth noting that in addition to a great, highly readable blog, Binto also has free e-books (researched and put together by Welsh and other experts) on their site on topics like PCOS management, a guide to ovulation and tracking and an overview of IVF — a nice little library of helpful, relevant information for women. “I wanted Binto to come forth as a company brought to women from experts … not just because  this is a sort of trend now,” Welsh says. “So we really take our product and our views — especially our content, like our e-books — seriously.”  

Curious? Intrigued? Read more about Binto here!