A NEW Spot For Drop-In Classes (PLUS, Summer Camp, Birthday Parties, Adult Classes and More) Just Opened Up in the City

Lume Creative Studios has music, art, movement, quirky storytimes and mom’s day out … for starters Read more

Lume Creative Studios

Y’all know by now how much we love to share any news of fresh places for kids’ classes. And you also probably know that the excitement grows exponentially if that place also offers, say, drop-ins … or drop-offs … or birthday parties … or summer camps. Well, the brand-new Lume Creative Learning Studios in East Passyunk has all of that. AND MORE. (Eeeee!)

The place just opened a few weeks ago — and technically, the entire month of June is serving as Lume’s grand opening, says owner Lauren Parker. Lauren, a South Philly resident and mom of two, is an experienced art teacher and teaching artist, as well as a former gallery owner. She saw the opportunity to start up a creative, arts-focused studio as a way to combine her entrepreneurial mindset with her love of teaching — and since its opening, Lume’s been in full swing with everything from movement classes (like, say, mom-and-me ballet) to visual arts classes (free range toddler art; rainbow window art) to music-and-art hybrids (family art-and-music jams) to various and sundry workshops (a mermaid or rainbow-fish tail-sewing session; a “frankentoy” workshop for making toys). And that’s just in the first month. (She’s also collaborating with a few other noted favorites, like Zoom Dance and Songbird Music, who offer classes at Lume.)

If you look at the kids’ class lineup, you’ll see that classes aren’t just a mix of mom-and-me and drop-off, of sessions and of drop-ins (which is all pretty awesome in itself), but that they’re also wonderfully diverse and creative. (To wit: who doesn’t want to go to the Drag Queen story time? Or hit up the ’60s-themed music class?  Or take advantage of a mom’s morning-out music class for littles?). But Lume isn’t exclusively focused on kids and family; there’s also adult art classes, and those, too, sound pretty fun: At this point, there’s BYO printmaking, pet-fort sewing, thrift-shop painting, dirty embroidery … and Lauren also mentioned pairing up with the local wine store and distilleries to do tastings in some classes.

In short: The place sounds fun, and it’s also pretty comprehensive in terms of offerings. Summer camp for kids starts in July (there are 7 weeks, each with a different theme). You can book birthday parties with either custom or set themes — e.g. “punk rock kid”; “temporary tattoo”; “splash, splatter, spin.” (“You know,” says Lauren, “just really fun, silly stuff.”) An after-school program for the fall is in the works, as are parenting workshops.

Curious to learn more? Excited? (Us, too!) You can see everything here!

Photo credit: Sahar Coston-Hardy Photography 

  • Lauren Parker

    Thank you so much for the write up!!!!! YAY!!!!!
    Also – everyone can check out the rest of our summer offerings by the start of next week. weeeee <3 WeeWander! love, Lume

    • Christy

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  • concerned citizen

    These workshops look fantastic and not just run of the mill! Keep scheduling evening & weekend stuff for 4+!!