Wee Bits: Great Toys, New Road Shut-Downs, Must-Hear Podcasts and Raising Feminist Boys

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wee bits

I want one of these for long flights.  (Via Fast Company.)

I thought this NYT piece — reflections on raising feminist boys — was thoughtful and down-to-earth.

Interesting — maybe telling — look from Huff Po at an upcoming PBS special about education and school choice.  

Awesome (child-psychologist-endorsed) toys for 5-year-olds, from The Strategist.

So basically, the whole city will be shut down this weekend …. (via Philly Mag)

Such a very cool story from the Atlantic of the ob-gyn who delivered the new baby gorilla at the Philly Zoo! 

Omg, this Cut story about teenagers getting lost in a maze of bones. 


BBC reports that someone caught the baby whose mom dropped him in desperation from the 9th or 10th floor in that horrible London fire.

Fun bit from Buzzfeed: 13 Podcasts You Should Listen To, Based on Your Favorite Books 

The horrifying shooting of Congressman Scalise yesterday was one of 30 shooting incidences in the U.S. yesterday. Horrifying on top of horrifying. (Hey, Congress, think it’s maybe time to talk proactively about guns?)