Wee Idea: Rock Star

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rock art project

I’m not really a very crafty person (which may be the reason my kid has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to arty things) — BUT after exhausting every what felt like every go-to activity in 48 hours — playgrounds, spraygrounds, scooter trips, porch pools, movies, library, two CVS trips, board games, friend visits, etc, etc — I was a bit desperate. “Why don’t you find some rocks to paint?” suggested my mother, who is very much a crafty person (but who knows that painting a rock is about as much as I can handle).

And so: Luke climbed on the big wheel and we went on a rock hunt around the neighborhood, which he was really, really into. The hunt alone took 45 minute or an hour, and we collected good paintin’ rocks in the back of the bike. At home, we gave the rocks a bath to get the dirt off (also thrilling for him), then grabbed acrylic paints, which I squeezed out into the top of an egg carton. I just put some cardboard down on our front porch, got the paints set up, grabbed a little bucket of water, and then voila — about an hour of mixing paints, painting rocks, experimenting with water on the painted rock, and so on and so forth. Then came the fun of placing them in the front garden (or, as my mom suggested, scattering them back around the neighborhood to give people a fun little surprise). All in all, a total win. Easy, only moderately messy (acrylic washes off hands, not so much off clothes), and a nice fresh boredom killer. (And hey, I enjoyed it, too.)