Wee Love: Whipped Bakeshop

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whipped bakeshop

Here’s a delicious little PSA for y’all: A dear friend of ours (mine and Ash’s) had a baby shower on Sunday, and instead of floral centerpieces, they used these incredibly adorable cakes from Whipped Bakeshop. First: HOW CUTE ARE THEY? (At our table, the cake was a jellyfish!) Second: the cake itself was funfetti, with layers of strawberry or chocolate icing inside, and it was absolutely delicious — soft and fluffy and not overly cloying. Third: If you go online to check out the range of cakes Whipped makes, you’ll see that there is a whole range of mini animal cakes (hedgehogs! Dinos! Vampire bats!) as well as a bunch of other whimsical or beautiful or otherwise memorable cakes. Bring on the next birthday (or whatever)!