Wee Alert! Adorable Baby Clothes

Finally, baby boy clothes are getting some love, thanks to a local company Read more

cuddle sleep dream

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Just when you think there’s nothing cuter than your regular, run-of-the-mill teeny little baby clothes …  well, y’all have to check out Cuddle Sleep Dream, a Willow Grove-based business that makes the most adorable special occasion outfits — complete with snap-on ties — for baby boys. (What sort of special occasion? Anything you can think of, really: Homecoming, baptism, holidays, weddings, birthdays, and so forth.)

The brains and talent behind Cuddle Sleep Dream is Ryann Kahn, who started the company in 2012 after her son was born and she couldn’t find anything that didn’t feel like “an afterthought” in the boys’ sections of kids’ clothing stores. (As a mom to a boy, I’ll attest: Baby girl clothes almost always blow boy clothes out of the water when it comes to both selection and personality.) So Ryann started making her own special-occasion outfits — and today, her business offers loads of cute options to choose from: Dino themes, donut themes, taco themes, fishies, monsters, lumberjacks, polka dots, cacti, trains, every holiday you can think of … you name it. (What’s more: Ryann keeps close tabs on what’s trending as far as birthday party themes go, so if you’re looking for ideas, you can ask her opinion, and then plan the ensemble to match the theme!)

Not everything is themed, of course — some outfits are monochromatic, some are just cute patterns, some are adorably wedding-appropriate, and some are precious little cardigans and V-neck onesies. So take a look, boy mamas — you’ve got all the cute you can handle here (and nary a Paw Patrol/camo-print/superhero T-shirt as far as the eye can see).

You can read more — or shop — here!

Photo credit: Photo on left and on bottom right are courtesy of Crush Photography PA (@crush_studio); top right is @hwalser.