Wee Bits: Free Mental Healthcare, Deranged Squirrels, a Fab New Pop-Up Park and the Best Home Repair Pros

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I cannot read enough of the amazing story of Zion Harvey and his new hands. God bless this kid, his family and modern medicine.

What a fantastic experiment: England is offering free talk therapy to anyone — and everyone — in the country. Can you imagine what that type of access could do for a population’s mental health? Great story from the NYT.  

Is the extreme cost of IVF really necessary? Shape.com investigates.

Guys, the Oval (that’s Eakins Oval, the pop-up park in front of the PMA) is open and in full swing, complete with tons of programming (yoga! Movies! Game days!), a beer garden, food trucks, and more fun. The people who’ve been are loving it …

No joke, this is one of my biggest city fears. (Squirrels and sinkholes.)

I mean, this new set of guidelines about washing breastpump stuff is good looking out from the CDC, but of course their recs are always involve more work, not less. Via The Cut.

More from The Cut: Sperm counts in Western men have evidently decreased dramatically over the last several decades. (Sorry, this is just little too Handmaid’s Tale for my taste.)

FYI: The New York Times says we should call, not email, our legislators if we’d like our voices to be heard.

Via Philly Mag: 5 Best Friends Your Home Ever Had. A round-up of helpful Best of Philly winners to keep on file. (Note: Ash and I both had a hand in this year’s Best of Philly, and you can find the whole thing here, if you’re so inclined!)