Wee Musings: What, Exactly, Is Princess Kate Doing?

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will and kate

It is well-documented that I am no fan of celebrity journalism as it relates to parenting —  though that’s also slightly ironic, as I generally like to indulge in regular celebrity journalism, and I obviously care about reading about parenting (to a point). But something always rubs me the wrong way when People or Parenting.com or whomever gives that sort of awestruck, sycophantic coverage to a celebrity’s “parenting wisdom” or “post-baby body” (ew), or when any outlet in any way suggests that some random actress represents #parentinggoals because said actress says something halfway reasonable or, you know … normal. It’s just all so much BS to me.

ALL THAT SAID, I always think about how HARD it must be to be William and Kate, parenting small children in the public eye as they do (and in a role where protocol and manners matter way more than they do for most of us). To wit: Much ado was made over little Charlotte’s recent “tantrum” during a long journey, which looked to me like a very small moment of whining and two-year-old stubbornness, as opposed to any sort of knock-down-drag-out that most of us think of when we think of tantrums. But in any case, all I could think was: What’s going through Kate’s mind in that moment? I basically break into a flop sweat when my three-year-old misbehaves in front of strangers at Target — I can’t imagine facing that possibility in front of the prime minister of Canada (even though he actually seems like he’d be cool with it) and 1,564 photographers. 

Sorry if this seems like a frivolous topic for a post. But I have to say that I find it hard to fathom the pressure to parent on the world’s stage, and deeply I hope those two write a book one day and spill their secrets as to how they deal with that pressure with what appears to be both a smiling calm and an also ability to shut it down. (What do they have? A royal parent coach? Hypnosis? A shot of tequila before they deplane?) How is it we never see those kids face-down on the tarmac? (Royal-level bribery? New ponies? What!?) Forget Beyonce’s post-baby exercise regimen (yawn) or some reality star’s take on vaccines — I want a Vanity Fair story about this, please.