Wee Bits: Blue Apron Gets Real, Healthier Food at Target, the Horridness of That Emoji Movie and New Outdoor Play Classes

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wee bits

This roundup of the meanest lines from reviews of that Emoji movie is pretty hilarious. Via the Vulture.

Well this is nice news coming out of Target. (Parents.com)

Hahahahahaaaaa. This faux note from the Blue Apron people is the best possible break from — and realistic riff on — the fresh hell that is the news every day. Brilliant. (Via McSweeneys.)

From TinyBop: 13 books to help teach kids about empathy. A nice selection.

Helpful piece from The Cut on buying the best, chiropractor-approved backpacks for kids. 

Fascinating piece from the NYT, but I must admit that I have major problems with focusing on self-expression and artistry in writing at the expense of teaching basics, like grammar. If nobody can understand you, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to express. Anyway, it’s not either/or, it’s both/and, in my humble opinion.

The city’s first protected bike lane is coming to Philly, according to Curbed.

Hey, here’s a great list of all the festivals happening in and around the city in August, courtesy of uwishunu.

Parents: Tinkergarten classes — focused on play-based, outdoor learning — are gearing up to start again this fall, and if you hurry, you can still snag a spot!

As a native Nashvillian, I am VERY interested in Shake Shack’s newest addition: The hot chick’n sandwich.

Dorothy Robinson at the Tankini Files says we all need to buy this cardboard playhouse from Amazon, and I believe her.

Liked this New Zealand politician’s reaction to a problematic perspective on employers having a “right” to ask women about their childbearing plans. Via the Guardian.