Wee Bits: Protest Postcards, Fresh Popsicle Recipes, Amtrak’s Breast-Pumping Problem and the Magic of Dolly Parton

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Despite all evidence to the contrary coming at us from all sides this week (each minute more disheartening and/or enraging than the next), there’s much more goodness in the world than it feels often like — and it was nice to see a little here.

Speaking of fighting evil: Why not send a postcard? (Thanks, Ali’s Wagon!)

Mmm. Popsicles. What a great round-up of popsicles for every palate from Wee friend and dietitian Katie Cavuto.

YES. You go, Philly mamas. If y’all agree that Amtrak should provide a clean, private spot for the bazillion of breast-pumping moms who pay for their services on a daily basis, perhaps you’ll want to sign this petition! (Hey, one of these mamas has been featured as a Wee One-On-One!)

Helpful! Cute! Here’s the best backpacks from the (very stylish) folks at SmallFry.

You’d better believe I’m pre-ordering Dolly Parton’s new album for kids. 

Curbed has photos of the in-progress Rail Park from above. It looks … well, better than it ever has before.

New state law: Gotta have those vaccinations by the first day of school. Via Philly.com.

This MoviePass deal — $10 a month for unlimited trips to the theater — seems too good to be true. (And indeed, it may actually be in the end.) Via Parents.com.

Less sleep is evidently tied to diabetes risk in children. Via the NYT.

Also from the NYT: A nice list of books that might help contextualize and maybe even confront some of the violence our children saw in Charlottesville.

Whoa, this eclipse safety tutorial is intense.