Wee Obsessions: Little Moon

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We’ve long loved Moon + Arrow, the home/vintage/jewelry/gift shop in Queen Village. The goods there are handmade, Paris-girl cool and well-priced. It’s also just a nice place to spend some time in: it smells good, has friendly shop girls and looks like something you’d stumble upon in Venice Beach or Brooklyn. And Little Moon, the new kid-focused offshoot of Moon + Arrow, which opened last week, has the same awesomeness. (It occurred to me when I was there that this is why I will always love boutique shopping. The experience is so memorable and personal, especially in our era of one-click-purchases.)

A run-down of what they have: a smattering of decor (pineapple lamps, throw pillows, minimalist rugs), a ton of great baby toys (cool wooden puzzles, push cars, rattles, teethers), some fun dress-up stuff (unicorn headbands, gorilla masks), big kid things (art supplies), a small rack of really special clothes (soft baby mocs, handknit sweaters, flowy dresses) and amazing gifts, like sweet handmade dolls, little animals, mobiles and books.

We got a baby gift for a very, very dear friend who is due very, very soon (more on that later), a grass-growing/egg-dyeing kit and little knitting project for my five-year-old; a fairy dress-up headband/cape thing (it’s meant to be a little amorphous so kids can do with it what they want) for the 22 month old.

I also walked away with a mental Christmas list building in my head.

Little Moon is located at 4th and Monroe in Queen Village.




  • Jen_ren

    Cool! it looks so amazing and it actually reminds of my daughter’s room which is full of different baby accessories that are mostly from hairclippy.