Four Easy and Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Kids

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There was a time when my firstborn’s favorite food was curry chicken salad. But then, a familiar story: The older she got, the less she ate. Less quality, quantity and variety. My biggest concern is that she’s not getting enough protein. (She recently declared herself a vegetarian, at age five.) As the first day of school began to approach, I started to wonder how I could get healthier (aka protein-packed, belly-filling) breakfasts in her, so she can make it through the long school day.

My answer: smoothies.

I know, I know, I’m late to this game. (You’ve been making smoothies for your kids for years, I’m sure.) But I’m here now, and I’m psyched about this new morning routine. I started by getting a new blender. After polling some friends (and ruling out the crazy expensive Vitamix), I got this NutriBullet from Amazon. It’s 80 bucks, is a cinch to use and clean and isn’t too imposing on my kitchen counter. I’m pretty obsessed. (Thanks, friends!)

Then, I did a séance to bring back the chef that died in me after I had kids and got buzzing. Below are four recipes that my daughter, in her best Chopped Junior judge impersonation, has approved. They are somewhat healthy (veggies, fruit, yogurt and I sprinkle in a little protein powder that I call “unicorn dust”) and sweet enough for her to like.

Two notes: First, I refuse to follow recipes for smoothies; I don’t want to stop and measure or create more things to wash. But the basics are simple: more liquid to smooth it out, more frozen stuff to thicken it up. (It’s pretty hard to mess up a smoothie.) Second, these make about 6-8 ounces of smoothie, which works for my kid, and leaves a little extra for me. But feel free to double.

The Green One
(This one is inspired by the Honeylove at Sip-N-Glo, our all-time favorite smoothie spot.)
1 frozen banana
1 heaping tablespoon plain Greek yogurt (I use full fat)
1 handful spinach
1/4 cup almond milk*
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Squirt of honey

The Peanut Butter Milkshake
1 heaping tablespoon smooth peanut butter
1 heaping teaspoon plain Greek yogurt
1/2 frozen banana
1 squirt honey
Larger splash (about 1/2 cup) almond milk*. (This shake can get
thick, so keep adding almond milk until it’s the right consistency.)

The Creamsicle
1 frozen banana
1 heaping tablespoon Greek vanilla yogurt
Few tablespoons orange juice
1 squirt honey

The Purple One
1 frozen banana
1 handful frozen blueberries
1 teaspoon plain Greek yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla Greek yogurt
1/2 cup almond milk*
1 squirt honey

*I use original/plain almond milk, which is slightly sweet