Wee Bits: A New Major Movie Theater in Center City, Fall Cocktails, Why Breast Pumps Still Suck and Free Eye Screenings

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God bless and keep Mexico and Puerto Rico, and all of the people therein. Here, from PBS, are ways to help Puerto Rico, and here, via NYT, are ways to help Mexican earthquake survivors. 

Spread the news, y’all: October 21 is FREE eyecare day at Jefferson Alumni Hall for kids 17 and under who need an eye screening and/or who are uninsured.

What a great (sounding) children’s book from Dave Eggers about the building of the Statue of Liberty, and what her “seeming mobility” can teach kids about immigration and immigrants.

What a wonderful idea: Rittenhouse is getting a free grocery for people who are food insecure. Via Billy Penn.

Quantum Physics for babies? Sure, why not? (Via Philly.com.)

New kids’ yoga class alert: Philly Power Yoga and Thrive Pilates is offering a creative movement series for kids starting this week: The class will “involve elements of play” and teach kids the basics of yoga poses while helping them “expand their bodies and imaginations.”

To be filed under “Humanity is Amazing”: This Atlantic story details a study that showed that babies as young as one can learn perseverance by watching mom and dad persevere, inferring by watching grown-ups struggle with a task that “hard work pays.”

It is true that my postpartum hormones are insane right now, but this piece from The New Yorker about how mothers (well, women in general, but moms in this specific case) are dismissed and devalued by male venture capitalists basically made me weep with rage. In short? This is the reason breast-pumping still sucks. To wit:
        A Swedish study recently noted that when venture capitalists talk about fledgling entrepreneurs, the men are described as “promising” while the women are “inexperienced.” Alvarez’s case goes further in defining what “experience” really means to the V.C. community: a woman who breast-fed her children seeks venture capital for products to serve women who breast-feed their children, and yet both her womanhood and her children … are used against her.

Anyway. From the Cut: This is a nice little story about a groom who turned into a hero in the midst of posing for his wedding portraits.

WHEE! Center City is getting a new (much-needed for, like, decades now!) multiplex movie theater in 2019. And it’s going to be fancy. Via Philly.com.

Yum. Fall cocktails from Town & Country. (Yes, please, caramel apple mule!)

Did you miss parenting coach Brandi Davis’s “discipline made easy” workshop at Lume earlier in the week? No worries … there’s another one on October 2nd. Check details here.