Wee Bits: The Most Internet-Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie, Public School Hope, Amazing Philly Bakeries, and Making Money Off Your Kid’s Cuteness

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wee bits

I mean, how many times can I type these words? God bless the victims — those normal, everyday Americans — of the shooting in Vegas. God bless and help this world. (Also, anybody else ready to chain themselves to front doors of our so-called representatives until something actually happens on the gun-regulation front?)  In the meantime, here’s a petition to demand that our legislators act to get military-grade weapons off our streets. And finally, the last word here: The New Yorker says it all. (Okay, so did Kimmel.)


The secret to a perfect, Internet-famous chocolate-chip cookie? The pan-bang. (Via NYT.)

Want to know what Michael Solomonov keeps in his pantry? GQ tells us. (It’s not really what you’d guess.)

Good question, NYT: Why isn’t my toddler paying the mortgage with his adorableness? How moms and dads have turned some viral cute-kid videos into mega-bucks.

Hopeful news for public schools, from WITF.org: “Pennsylvania’s highest court on Thursday revived a lawsuit that claims the state is failing in its obligation to students, a case that could eventually have a dramatic effect on the shape of public education in the state.”

The New Yorker offers up the super-weird truth behind Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. I mean … super-weird.

Here’s the reason you have to poop every time you shop in certain stores. (Nope, it’s not just you.) Thanks to Scary Mommy for addressing this mystery.

Cannot get enough of these two. You should enjoy a much-needed laugh today.

I know it’s just marketing, but this is still kind of a cool idea from Panera’s CEO about focusing on healthier kids’ meals in restaurants (says the mom of an avowed mac-and-cheese and grilled-cheese orderer).

Agree, but who’s surprised?(Via the Cut.)

Grandparent and parents of new or future grandparents, take note: Hall-Mercer is offering a workshop — “Being a Grandparent in Today’s World” — touching on the role of a grandparent, how parenting has changed, how to be a great long-distance g-parent and more — on October 18 and 25, and November 1. Cost is $75 for three sessions. RSVP to Alison Nalle. 215-829-5555 or Alison.nalle@uphs.upenn.edu

Thanks, Foobooz for this awesome guide to the city’s bakeries. (Bonus: Ashley had a little something to do with this yummy project. 🙂

Scary, but a good reminder to buckle those nuggets.