Wee News: Primp & Play Parties

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If you, like us, were bummed when you heard that Primp & Play on 10th Street had closed last month, well … nobody would blame you. There’s nothing else like it in the city, after all — a kid-friendly spa where moms can come and get their nails done while kids do art projects; a spot for adorable little-kid spa treatments; a place that hosts birthday parties at the spa and also hosts at-home parties, too.

Anyway, turns out we needn’t be bummed: The place closed due to building/lease issues, but owner Tara Murphy has still been busy offering at-home parties, which she says have been increasingly popular over the past year and a half. What’s more, though, is that Primp & Play has also just landed a new spot in the city for weekend pop-up parties: They’re currently offering both home parties AND shindigs at 1500 Chestnut Street, inside the Ellington Building. With more square footage and multiple rooms, the new party space actually allows for bigger parties, Tara says — and it’s a nice option for families who don’t want (or can’t squeeze) a bunch of kids inside their house. (Hi, city dwellers!)

As for the scoop on P&P parties (whether they’re in the new venue or at your house): They do set-up, decoration, plates and napkins, cleanup, and — of course — the entertainment in the form of crafts and/or spa services. There’s a whole range of activities to choose from, as you can see on the site — clay jewelry-making, make-your-own bubble bath, chocolate facials, glitter tattoos, braiding, canvas-painting and lots more. (Got questions or want to book a party at home or in the new spot? Email  hello@primpandplay.com.) 

In the meantime, if you’re missing the old place and its drop-in services, you should know that there are more full-service Primp & Play spas are on the horizon: The company is in the process of selling franchise locations, which means you’ll likely see another spot — or spots! — pop up soon in the city and surrounding areas. (We’ll keep you posted on the whereabouts!)