Wee Obsession: Rothy’s

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rothy's shoes

Okay, so yes: I first saw these shoes, Rothy’s,¬†probably the same place you did — advertised on my Facebook feed. (Sidebar: You know you’re old when a) Your web history leads direct marketers to believe that you are someone who might get excited about sensible shoes, and b) you really are someone who gets excited about sensible shoes.) I think I clicked on that advertisement about 50 times to ogle the cuteness.

But what really sold me on them — besides the cuteness, I mean — was the fact that my obstetrician was wearing them one day when I went for an appointment. This is a woman who spends countless hours on her feet, who gets — in her words — a whole bunch of icky stuff on her shoes on a regular basis. (Ha! Ew! Ha!) We talked at length about how they’re washable, and how they’re made from recycled water bottles, and how they’re ridiculously comfy, and SO CUTE.

Anyway. I caved. (Well, my husband caved. They were a birthday present.) You will note that they are not cheap. Okay, fine, I’ll just say it. They’re $145 for the pointed-toe flats, $125 for the rounded toe ballet flats. I know!! It’s a lot. Truly, I have never spent that much on a pair of flats in my life. BUT: They are designed to last forever, I’m told. And they are like wearing slippers. I can walk the mile or so back and forth to preschool in them, without foot sweat, without blisters, without feeling like I’m really even wearing shoes. The pointed toe (and my red camo print) felt slightly chicer, so I went with that — but I think the rounded toes are adorable, too. I love them deeply. I feel like a French girl in them. A sensible one. But still.*